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Release Date: 10-10-12

From Excel 2007, the .xlsx becomes the default document saving format. The problem with this format is that it is not backwards compatible. You can not open it with Excel 2003 or previous versions. Therefore, converting the document from .xlsx to .xls will make it more convenient to read by many other programs.

For both PC and Android devices, Kingsoft Spreadsheets can help converting .xlsx to .xls for free.

Convert XLSX to XLS on PC

Use Kingsoft Spreadsheets Free 2013. Open a .xlsx spreadsheet with Kingsoft Office, and go to Spreadsheets > Save as > Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Document.

xlsx to xls free converter

Figure 1 Save XLSX as XLS with Kingsoft Spreadsheets

Convert XLSX to XLS on Android Device

On an Android mobile / tablet, launch Kingsoft Office for Android, open a .xlsx document by tapping on Folders. Then tap on Save button on toolbar to choose .xls as the saving format.

open xlsx on android convert xlsx to xls free

Figure 2 Save XLSX as XLS with Kingsoft Office for Android

Beside XLSX to XLS converting, Kingsoft Office can also convert DOCX to DOC and PPTX to PPT.

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