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Kingsoft Office Professional 2012 Highlight -- Paragraph Adjustment

Release Date: 03-31-12

paragraph adjustment in Kingsoft Writer

The new version of Kingsoft Office Professional 2012 includes a new Paragraph Adjustment function to meet the layout needs of regular users. It allows users to speedily complete the otherwise complicated document publishing process. The Paragraph Adjustment function provides convenient paragraph spacing, line spacing, and indentation distance adjustment tool. The process of adjusting is more intuitive, it allows the user to easily alter the document layout, click of a mouse drag, you can easily see the adjustment effect.

One of user’s agrees, saying that ‘the latest paragraph adjustment function is significantly more convenient. I am a journalist and therefore have frequent use for word layout, especially web design, and adjustments to the documentation section of the paragraph. I now use the Kingsoft Office paragraph adjustment feature and it really saves me a great deal of time’.

The main advantage of this paragraph adjustment tool is that it is a visual adjustment tool and it will save your valuable time. It can easily alter the layout of a paragraph by dragging the mouse, thus avoiding any complicated steps. To be specific, you need not enter the ‘Format’|’Paragraph’ section in order to set the paragraph format, nor do you need to go to the ‘text wrapping’ section to adjust the layout between text and picture. With the new Paragraph Adjustment, option you can simply drag the text into any layout you want, and the whole operation will be shown graphically. You can edit it, while the preview to adjust effect, which is highly convenient and time saving, as it eliminates the need to enter the paragraph settings dialog box steps, saving valuable time.

How to use the Paragraph Adjustment Tool ?

The steps to using the Paragraph Adjustment Tool are demonstrated as follows:

First, open Kingsoft Writer 2012, go to the head of a paragraph, and click the ‘Paragraph Layout’ option.

Then, a box will appear around the text that will allow you to adjust the layout based on your requirements.

To indent the first line of each paragraph, select the entire paragraph, then position the cursor in any paragraph, and drag to the desired location.

To indent left, select the relevant paragraph, and place the cursor to the left of the paragraph. Then simply drag the cursor to the desired location.

To indent right, select the relevant paragraph and place the mouse to the right of paragraph. Then simply drag the cursor to the desired location.

To adjust the space before a paragraph, select the relevant paragraph and place the cursor before it, then simply drag the cursor to the desired location.

To adjust the space after a paragraph, position the cursor after the paragraph, and drag it to you desired location.