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How to convert Office documents into PDF files?

Release Date: 03-31-12

pdf creatorPDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is a format widely used by people around the world to store and view data. WPS Office now offers a built-in PDF converter to convert your office documents into the PDF format - this means you can convert Word files to PDF, Excel files to PDF and PowerPoint files into PDF. This built-in PDF function is totally FREE, and highly compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office files.

Also the WPS Office 2016 support open PDF document in WPS office writer. MS office also support open PDF documents, but MS convert PDF to word documents and then open it. WPS Office open the PDF files directly. 

The main advantages of this free PDF converter include the fact that it is built-in, which means you do not need to install additional software. You just open and edit your documents using Kingsoft Office, and by clicking the shortcut option, your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files will be exported to the PDF format. It means you possess both the office software and the PDF converter simultaneously, and completely for free.

Secondly, it is secure. The generated PDF files cannot be edited by anyone else, and it even offers an encryption function to better protect your PDF files.

Thirdly, it is small. When you convert an existing document into a PDF file, its size will automatically shrink without losing any quality. Best of all, the PDF converter is highly compatible with Microsoft Office, and it can handle all Microsoft Office files such as DOC, XLS, PPT, etc., meaning you can directly convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to the PDF format.

Steps to converting Word/Excel/PowerPoint files into the PDF format

The converter is very easy to use - there are only four steps to convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files into PDF format. Take the Kingsoft Writer for example:

1. Open and edit the document using Kingsoft Writer.
2. In the 'Application' menu in the top left corner, click ‘Export to PDF’. Or click the Export to PDF icon from the quick access bar. Then choose a location to save the PDF file, and it will begin to convert your document into a PDF file.

3. Click ‘Close’ to complete.
4. Click ‘Open’ to view the generated PDF file.

In addition, it offers encryption to protect your file with a special password, this prevents access to everyone not in possession of this password. If you want to encrypt your file follow these steps:

First, click ‘More’. Second, in ‘Permission settings group’, set’ Protect document using a password’ and ‘Password to open file’.

office pdf converter

To get this free PDF converter to convert your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files into PDF, please download the Free version of Kingsoft Office 2012:

WPS Office Free 2016

Besides PDF converting, WPS Office also provides PPT to DOC converting. Try this feature in WPS Presentation.