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Multiple Tabs Make it Expediently to Manage Office Files

Release Date: 03-31-12

Multiple Worksheets Interface in Kingsoft Office 2012

If you are using web browser, you might have noticed one good feature which is tabbed browsing. Now, the latest Kingsoft Office 2012 introduced this outstanding 'multiple tabs' as office interface, which received many favorable reviews from users. It can help you avoid the hassles caused by switching between multiple document windows. This multiple tabs feature is applied to Kingsoft Writer 2012, Kingsoft Spreadsheets 2012 and Kingsoft Presentation 2012, enabling you easily manage your documents, data sheets and slides via this feature.

The multiple tabs support several functions to help you manage windows more conveniently and quickly, specific functions are as follows:

Change tab position by dragging the tab directly, which means you can arrange the tab sequences based on your needs to quickly switch windows.

Close the window by double clicking, and open new blank tab by right-click or press shortcut key (Ctrl+N).

Right-click offers some shortcut functions including Close Window, Save, Save As, Save All, and Close All.

Press shortcut key (Ctrl+Tab) to switch the windows.

Benefits for Multiple Tabs on Office Software

It can optimize the windows sequences to avoid indicating many windows in the task manager, meaning you can quickly find the documents or sheets based on multiple tabs mode.

Multiple tabs mode allows you to open multiple web pages under a single interface, meaning you never have to open multiple windows for each page.

It will help you switch quickly between several windows via (Ctrl+Tab).

The feedbacks of users about our multiple tabs

Hello, I just downloaded your amazing program! I already have Microsoft Word installed, but this goes beyond that, I love the multiple tabs! Good job!

It has a tabbed interface, meaning you can open multiple files in one window. That can be handy, and I really like it.

The user feedbacks above show that the multiple tabs received many favorable reviews.

Except the multiple tabs, Kingsoft Office also has a great number of features, such as automatic spell check, built-in PDF convertor, convert slides to CD format, etc. In addition, Kingsoft Office 2012 is highly compatible with Microsoft Office which can handle all Microsoft Office files even the latest formats, and it also can open, view, edit and save various file formats including .doc, .xls, .ppt, etc. This means you can transfer office files between Kingsoft Office and Microsoft Office conveniently.