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Hundreds of WPS Office Templates to Increase Your Productitvity

Release Date: 09-29-15

Built-in Online Templates Help Save Your Time

WPS Office 10 added a template gallery named Docer Online Templates, which provides a wide range of PPT templates, Word templates and Spreadsheet templates. With these ready-to-use templates, your work will be more efficient and productive.

ppt templates categories

In WPS Writer, templates fall in different categories like memo, letter, resume, invoice, card and others. Under each category, there are various free templates for you to choose from and download.

If you can’t find a template by category, you could search whatever you want in the search toolbar on the top-right corner. Related templates will be listed to match your keywords.

In WPS Spreadsheets, Docer provides invoice, tracker, budget, finance, calendar and business related templates.

In WPS Presentation, you can enjoy more choices of popular PPT templates than in Writer and Spreadsheets. Except for categories, you can also search PPT templates by color filter. Open and close Docer Online Templates page by clicking the button on the top-right corner as shown above.

docer online templates

The most important thing is that these online templates are totally FREE. 

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