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How to transfer files between your PC and Android?

Release Date: 04-19-13

The more integrated smart phones become with our daily lives, the more we tend to store files on them. We store everything,including from pictures, music and movies to documents, PDFs, and a plethora of other content.It often occurs to me that it is so important and necessary to have a quick way to get a single file stored on my android phone transferred to my computer.

Therefore I summarize There are a lot of different ways to get files to/from computer to Android device. Here I would like to share three methods I frequently use:

1. Transfer Files Using USB Cable.

2. Wireless Transfer Using Cloud Storage.

3. Transfer Files via WiFi or Mobile Networks.

The following is the detailed intro of these three ways.

Transfer Files Using USB Cable

The most direct and simplest way to transfer a file from your PC to android phone is using the USB cable. Most of the phones we bought equip with a compatible cable, so there’s no need for you to buy one. Just connect your PC and your Android using the cable, and you will see there’s a message on the phone screen asking what do you want to do.

Choose the option that allows using the phone as a storage device, and you’re good to go. Transferring file is as simple as copying the file from your PC to a USB drive.

Note: The exact format of the message varies, depending on the manufacturer or your telecom carrier of your android phone, but different roads lead to the same destination.

Wireless Transfer Using Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is famous for online collaboration and easily sharing data across multiple devices, like file servers, desktops and mobile devices. So using cloud storage to transfer files is also a convenient way. Most of the big players, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive, provide free spaces to users, which is big enough to transfer your commonly used files.

All you have to do is to register a free account. And install the PC client and app for your android phone. Each app designates a hard drive folder, and anything saved on your PC will be automatically synced to the cloud and other devices.

Transfer Files via WiFi or Mobile Networks

Some people may think connecting Android device to PC with the USB cable is annoying, or using the Cloud Services is not reliable enough, here I will introduce you another method, using WiFi. Most people have WiFi networks at their workplace or home, so it’s really convenient.

There are lots of apps allow you to use the WiFi to transfer files. Let’s take one of them-WiFi File Transfer -for an example. All you have to do is type a specific URL into the web browser of your computer, you can see your device’s internal memory and SD card, from where you can download any files to your computer, or upload files to your phone.

Contrast of the Three Ways

The limit of WiFi File Transfer and Cloud Storage is the size of the file, the free version of these apps limit the file size. You can transfer the music, pictures, movies, word document, etc by above two ways. For files with large size, you can use the USB cable directly.