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How to Paste Text Without Format in Table

Release Date: 04-08-13

--Compare copy/paste unformatted Kingsoft Writer with Microsoft Word

Some times when you need to paste texts a lot into tables, but the texts are often with various formats while you want text only, what should you do to achieve pasteing without formatting in office documents?

Well, let's make a comparison between Kingsoft Writer and Microsoft Word. The default option of paste in word is formatted paste. 

In Microsoft Word, when you paste text a box appears at the right bottom as seen on the picture below:

paste special unformatted text

Then you can choose "Keep Text Only" to change the text format to your own preference automatically.

word paste without formatting            paste-text-without-format-in-document-3

In Kingsoft Writer, we can do this by some simple settings, then the problem can be solved once and for all.

Step 1: Click "Writer", choose"Option"under it.


Step2: In the box, "Edit--Cut and Paste options", set the default paste format in the pull down list, choose"Unformatted text", then every word after you set this will be pasted with no formats.

unformatted text word

paste unformatted text

You can set  the copy, cut/ paste default format as you need. Kingsoft writer offer Matching current format and unformatted text.

So, that's all two ways in MS and KS, which are both support formatted texts and unformatted texts, which are different in approach but equally satisfactory in result. We won't judge which way is better, but only want the users to know how to operate and bring convenience to you.