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How to Apply Page Color to Documents with Kingsoft Writer?

Release Date: 01-16-13

Kingsoft Office Suite 2012 provides Page Background features, which allows you to apply background colors (with fill effects) to document.

Apply Page Color to Word Document

Under 2012 style interface, on Page Layout menu, click Page Color page color icon option in Page Background group, and then select a color for your document background.

Under Classic style interface, go to Format > Page Color to select a page background color from the color themes.

page color in word document kingsoft office writer

Figure 1 - Page Color function under Classic style interface

The color will be applied to your document background. You can also choose More Fill Colors to select a color from the color pallette.

Apply Other Background to Word Document

Beside page color, you can also apply various fill effects to your page background. These fill effects include Gradiant, Texture, Pattern and Picture.

Note: Please note that when you print the document, the page color or background effects incuding Gradient, Texture, Pattern and Picture will not be printed out. If you need to print page color or background pictures, please read the following articles.

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