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How to Set Print Area / Print Region in Kingsoft Spreadsheets 2012?

Release Date: 01-16-13

Before printing out data sheets, you need to set the print area so that desired data range can all be printed, or to exclude some area from the print range so the data in that area will not be seen in the print result. Follow these steps to set print region in Kingsoft Spreadsheets 2012.

Steps to Set Print Region in Spreadsheets

Step 1 Select the data range you'd like to print. In the following example, just hold left mouse button to cover the whole area of data.

print region in spreadsheet

Step 2 Set the above selected area as print region.

Under Classic style interface, go to File > Print Region > Set Print Region to set the selected area as print region.

print region settings in spreadsheet

Under 2012 style interface, go to Page Layout > Print Area > Set Print Region.

Step 3 The selected area is now fully included in the print region. Click File > Print Preview to see the result.

preview print region

If you need to change the print margin, print direction and print scaling, you can choose options in this Print Preview Interface. Simply click corresponding option icon to open the setting windows.

Exclude certain area from printing

To exclude some area from printing out, you can simply omit that area when selecting printing data range. In this way, you will see the selected printing region is covered within the dotted bordered rectangle, and the excluded area will be outside that rectangle.

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