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How to Display Toolbars in Kingsoft Writer 2012?

Release Date: 01-07-13

Kingsoft Office adopts two types of interfaces, one is 2012 style and the other is Classic style. Professional and Standard edition of Kingsoft Office provides two interfaces for easily switch, while Kingsoft Office Free 2012 offers only the Classic style interface.

The Classic style interface allows you to arrange the toolbar layout. You can decide whether to display the toolbars, and where they locate.

Show toolbars in Kingsoft Writer

Launch Kingsoft Writer and go to View > Toolbars and select the toolbar categories you'd like to show in Kingsoft Writer interface.

show toolbar in word

The selected options will be displayed under the main menu.

Move toolbar orders and location (vertical <-> horizontal)

Put your mouse cursor on the beginning of each toolbar group, and the cursor will become move toolbar in word. Hold your left mouse button to drag this toolbar group to a desired location - move it above or below other toolbar groups, and when a square with blue border appears, loose the left mouse button and the toolbar group will be moved to the new location.

move toolbar location in word

You can use the above method to drag your toolbars from the default horizontal direction to vertical direction. Just hold the left mouse button to drag the toolbar group downward, and when a square area with blue border appears on the left side of the software interface, let go the left mouse button.