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How to Convert PowerPoint to Word document with Kingsoft Office?

Release Date: 09-21-12

Why converting PowerPoint Presentations to Word Documents

It is common in a company that a business presentation is edited and approved by two or more person. In this case, to send only the text content to other people is more convenient. This is because PowerPoint presentation file sizes can be very large due to pictures and media inserted. Instead of sending the entire presentation file to your boss for review, it's much easier to send only the text content in a Word document.

Convert PowerPoint to Word

1. Convert only Text Content from PowerPoint to Word

Microsoft PowerPoint offers an option for saving presentation outline as Word documents, which will transfer the text contents from PowerPoint presentation to document. However, PowerPoint is not able to save the tables and pictures to Word.

2. Convert Text Content, Picture and Tables from PowerPoint to Word

Kingsoft Office support convert PowerPoint .ppt, .pptx files to .doc documents directly. Unlike PowerPoint 2007 / 2010 / 2003, Kingsoft Presentation can not only export the text content (outline or handouts) to Word document, but also pictures and tables within the presentation.

Steps to convert PPT presentations to Word document with Kingsoft Office

Step 1 Open an existing PowerPoint presentation or create a new one in Kingsoft Presentation 2012.

Step 2 Under 2012 style interface(Standard and Professional version), go to Presentation > Save As > Convert to Document: Under Free office interface, finding the transalte to Documents button on the Files drop down menu.

convert powerpoint to word

You will see the following dialog box, from which you can choose slides to be converted, and layout. The presentation to word document conversion can include text, table and picture. If you select Converted layout to be According to original layout, the checkboxes before Text, Table and Picture will be available, and you can choose all three or only one or two of them. Then press OK.

convert powerpoint to word document

Figure 1 Convert PPT to Document dialog box

If you choose to add notes or blank line to slides, all the content in the PowerPoint presentation will be converted to document. The checkboxes before Text, Table and Picture are selected as default and could not be cancelled.

Step 3 You will then be asked to name the document and point a location to save it. The word document can be saved in *.doc and *.wps file formats. Finally, click Save button.

The presentation file will be converted to document. Click Open File button to view the word document in Kingsoft Writer.

convert ppt to word

Figure 2 PPT to Word document Converting

The following is the original ppt presentation layout:

convert powerpoint to word

Figure 3 PowerPoint presentation with Text, Picture, Table and Chart

After converting it to word document with Kingsoft Presentation, the document looks like this:

convert powerpoint to word

Figure 4 Document converted from PPT presentation