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How to apply the online .ppt templates in your presentation?

Release Date: 06-05-12

Note: This article is based on Kingsoft Office 2012. For the latest version 2013, see How to create presentation from templates in Presentation 2013.

Kingsoft Office offers a great deal of free PPT templates on the official website for users to directly download and apply in presentations.

The steps to apply these online templates are shown as follows:

1. First, download the .ppt templates from our download center:

PPT Templates Download

2. Open an existing presentation with Kingsoft Presentation 2012. On the Design Tab, click the Design Templates, a Slide Design task pane will appear in the right side.

Or right click on the slide and choose the Design Templates menu:

design template menu

3. Click the Browse on the bottom left corner of the Slide Design task pane, and then an Apply Design Template dialog box will appear, you can choose the template you want.

4. Apply the selected template to finish.