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How to Use Cloud Fonts Service ?

Release Date: 05-03-13

Cloud Fonts Service can manage and apply the cloud fonts in Android synchronized from PC. Thus you can set Font attributes and apply font styles to your documents in Android. It will ensure you a wonderful experience of mobile office.

Here is an introduction about Cloud Fonts service. Take the following steps to achieve synchronization:

Step 1: Click Font and the drop-down list will show up. It will display the existent fonts in the present device and show the lacking fonts.


Step 2 : Click the lacking fonts or the Cloud label, and you will go to the Cloud Fonts list interface. Click Try now and Login with your Google or Aol account .



Step 3: Login the Cloud Fonts Service with your openid account.

Step 4: By default, the Cloud Fonts list will be empty the first time you use the Fonts Cloud Service. Click Add Fonts and the Cloud Fonts management interface will show up.



Step 5: Input the website in your PC browser. Download and install the program.

Step 6:Login the Cloud Fonts in your PC program and the Cloud Fonts database interface will show up. Then login with the same account you do in the Android.



Step 7: Click upload fonts or switch to the system interface for unloading the fonts you prefer.



Step 8: The system interface will automatically list all the fonts in the PC system. A simple click on the upload icon and the fonts will get uploaded to the Cloud. ( or you can drag the desired fonts in the files to the window )


Step 9: Go back to the Cloud Fonts interface and you will find all the fonts that have been successfully uploaded.


Step 10: The uploaded Cloud Fonts will be automatically synchronized to the WPS Cloud Fonts management interface in your Android.



Step 11: Now download the desired fonts from the drop-down list in the Font or from the Font management interface. Set and apply the fonts to your documents.


Step 12: Click the fonts in the drop-down list and the settings of fonts will get accomplished. How expressive your documents will be!

To conclude, you can set and apply your fonts conveniently in Android with Cloud Fonts service. It renders you convenient and swift synchronization of fonts from your PC.