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How to Recovery History documents with Kingsoft History Service?

Release Date: 05-02-13

Step 1: To experience Cloud History Services, install Kingsoft Mobile Office and Kingsoft Office X Plats! Download Kingsoft Office X Plats

Step 2: Locate Star and history access in your Android. Then click History Service in the drop-down menu and further click Try now in the Introduction interface.


Step 3: Login History Service in both your PC and Android with either your Google or Alo account. Save you the trouble of registration.


Step 4: After login, the history records and star records will be synchronized from your PC to Android and vice versa. The records will correspond to each other in your PC and Android.


Cloud- History-PC



Step 5: Receive New Records

Open a new file in one device and its records will be automatically synchronized to another. Immediately this device will remind you of the new file! Clip the New button and the device will permit the new records to be received. Till now the records will correspond to one another in different devices.






What's more, you can manage the records in both your Android and PC devices.

(PC: When the mouse directs the records, the Star button and Delete button will show up)