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What's Cloud History Service, Cloud Fonts?

Release Date: 04-26-13

What's Kingsoft Cloud History Services?

Kingsoft Office History Service will automatically record your previous documents and those marked, which automatically will be saved in Cloud Storage. Thus the documents and records can get recovered even in case of the reinstalled soft or the lost devices. Further the documents and records can be synchronized to your cellphone, PC and tablet computer. You will have access to them at any time wherever you are.

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What's Kingsoft Cloud Fonts?

Cloud Fonts Service can manage and apply the cloud fonts synchronized from PC. Upload the fonts you prefer to the Cloud via Cloud Fonts Service, and the fonts will be synchronized to your Android devices. Thus you can set Font attributes and apply font styles to your documents in Android. It will ensure you a wonderful experience of mobile office.

Cloud histroy and Cloud Fonts service are kingsoft office features. Enjoy it in your android office. 

Cloud history service and Cloud Fonts Service are two functions unique to Kingsoft Office for Android and Kingsoft X plat. They will render you wonderful experience in your Android devices. 

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