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How to copy text between Android and PC?

Release Date: 04-12-13

Kingsoft office clip is designed to copy/past text, message, URL between Android and PC. This app allows you to transfer message via cloud clip. In addition to install this app you also need to login into with your twitter, AOL, or Google account.

1.You need to install the Kingsoft clip both on android and PC..

2.Copy text from your Android device first, you could select any text in your word document.

3 Open Kingsoft Clip and select the word you want to copyed, you will find the menu“Clip to cloud”and tap it.

One click, the text will be send to your PC via Kingsoft cloud clip. You can find these text copied from android display in your PC simultaneously.

Copy text, URL from PC to Android also could be supported.

Notice: The Cloud clip has two different names, android installation package name Kingsoft Clips (.apk files ), PC installation package name Kingsoft X plats(.exe document).