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How to Insert and Edit Shapes in PPT on Android?

Release Date: 12-14-12

If you have ever wanted to insert shapes onto your presentation slides on Android now you can. Kingsoft Office for Android now supports inserting shapes onto your slides.

This article will show you how to insert and edit shapes for your slides on Kingsoft Office for Android, the steps are shown as follows:

Add the shape to Presentation

1. On the Insert tab, click the shape button to insert a shape. A list of shapes will appear.


2. In the Shape library, you can choose the one you want to insert. Kingsoft Office for Android offers 5 kinds of shapes including line, rect, arrow, tag and star.

3. After choosing your desired shape, click OK to finish. If you need to add another one, just repeat steps 1-3.

Editing shapes in Presentation

After adding the shape, you can edit and adjust the size of the shape, as well as adding text onto it. Please follow these three steps:

1. To edit a shape, tap on the shape that you want to edit and a pop-up will appear with three options. The options for editing shapes include edit, cut and copy.

2. To adjust a shapes size tap on the shape and 6 points will appear around the shape. Then simply drag any point to increase or decrease the size of the shape.


3. To insert text onto a shape double click on the shape to enter text editing mode. From here you can then add text. How much text you can add will depend on your shapes size.

In conclusion, follow these steps you can easily insert and edit the shapes in presentation PowerPoint by Kingsoft Office for Android.