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How to send internet link to you mobile phone?

Release Date: 11-23-12

Sometimes you might send good websites or some interesting webpage to your friends or yourself's mobile when you surf on the internet. Of course, you can share that by email, but it will be much complicated. Now, Kingsoft Office published a new android app that named Kingsoft Clip, which can help you easily solve this problem. It can send the massage, internet link and other files between the android mobile phone and PC freely without any other devices, wifi or Could.

When you want to copy a message, or a piece of email text from Android phone to PC, or send a piece of text from PC browser to Android mobile, you just install this app and send massages via Kingsoft Clip, then you can easily achieve. This article will introduce how to share the internet link between Android mobile phone and PC via this Clip app. The steps are shown as follows:

1. Install the Kingsoft Clip app both on your Android mobile and PC. Free download the Kingsoft Clip app from official website.

2. On you Android mobile phone, open the Kingsoft Clip and then free register by your AOL or Google email.

3. On your PC, double click the KingsoftOfficeXPlats to enter the Kingsoft Clip, and then login by the same account as your Android device.

4. Copy hyperlink or website link from the internet to your PC clipboard. Next choose any piece of link, and you will find two buttons on the bottom right of this link. Tap the first button to send this link to your Android mobile phone.

5. Then this link will appear on your Android device.

6. If you want to send another one, just repeat the same method.

In conclusion, follow these steps you will easily share the hyperlink from your computer to your Android mobile phone by Kingsoft Clip app.