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How to Import Note from Evernote on Android Office?

Release Date: 09-06-12

The Version 4.7 of Kingsoft Office for Android offers exclusively the support for note from Evernote. Evernote is a kind of popular note software, you can note your own work and life etc. whenever you want, and it’s easy to view. When you need to call and view the records on the Evernote in the document, it’s very easy and convenient, this function can make your Office document and Evernote interrelated, and make your work much easier.

This article will introduce how to import the note from evernote, you can refer to the following steps for specific import method:

1. First open the “Evernote Note” function, as shown in the following Figure.


2. Enter Evernote account and password to login the evernote. See below sketch map.


3. At Evernote interface, click on the content which need to be imported.

In conclusion, follow these steps, you can easily import the note from evernote by your android office for Kingsoft that will save your much time.