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How to Distribute Your Office Docs On The Go Using Cloud Storage?

Release Date: 08-29-12

Stay productive on the go using Office for Android app !

Sometimes you’ve got to work as you’re moving between point A and point B. Kingsoft Office for Android not only offers you the richest viewing and editing experience for office applications on handheld devices, but also provides a means to easily distribute your files while you work. With Kingsoft Office for Android, there’s no need to switch to another application or to use your PC, as office documents can be easily send and share via Cloud Storage.

How to send your office docs on Cloud Storage?

Step 1: Flip the screen and move to the document you want to send, click "Send Cloud" on the Home page.

Send docs to cloud storage button

Figure 1 Send Cloud Button

Step 2: Choose your Cloud Storage provider and type in the account and password and login.

android office cloud storage service list        The login interface of cloud storage

Figure 2 Cloud Storage Service List Figure 3 The Login Interface

PS: Kingsoft provides Dropbox, Google Drive and as the default Cloud Storage providers. However, should you want to add a new storage provider, please consult How to Add WebDav Service to Android Office Cloud Storage List.

Step 3: After having logged in to Cloud Storage, then click the icon to upload documents and update them.

The document list of your cloud storage

Figure 4 The Folder and Document List

Step 4:A confirm dialog box will pop up , click OK to finish.

After these steps, you can update your documents to Cloud Storage, enabling them to be downloaded and edited while you're at home.