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Kingsoft Office > Read PDF files on Android Mobile / Tablet

Read PDF files on Android Mobile / Tablet

Release Date: 10-09-12

From 4.3 version of Kingsoft Office for Android, reading PDF documents is supported. After the subsequent updates, the PDF reader function in Kingsoft Office now contains the following:

Save other document (*.doc, *.docx, *.txt) as PDF;
Read Memory feature;
Zoom in/out when reading the PDF document;
Full screen view of the PDF;
Open encrypted PDF document.

Read PDF in Android Mobile and Tablet

First, tap on Kingsoft Office to launch the program on your Android device. Kingsoft Office will display last-opened documents including PDF, DOC, PPT and XLS. In this screenshot, the last viewed PDF document is shown on the launching interface.

If you want to open other existing PDF files, tap on Folders in Open group to select the directory of the file and open it.

read pdf in androidopen pdf in android

Figure 1-2 Open an existing PDF document in Android device

Zoom in and out on the PDF document in Android device

From 4.5 version of Kingsoft Office for Android, zoom function on PDF document is supported. After you open a PDF, you will see two options in the toolbar, one is Zoom and the other is Full Screen. Tap on Zoom and change the zooming scale by dragging the bar, or choose Fit Content or Fit Page option to meet different displaying needs.

read pdf in android zoom pdf in android

Figure 3-4 Zoom in / out on PDF document in Android

Read PDF in full screen

Tap on full screen pdf android on the toolbar of the PDF reading interface to enter full screen mode. When you want to exit the full screen mode, simply tap on the full screen pdf android button in the top right corner of your Android device.