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Release Date: 10-24-12

The needs to convert PPT to Text

You may have met with such circumstances in which you need to share a PPT presentation with other collegues for approvement, but the PPT presentation includes a lot of pictures and thus the size has reached hundreds of mega bytes. In this case, you will need to convert the PPT file to simple text so as to significantly reduce its size. Then it will be much easier to send only the text content to others.

Convert Text Content, Picture and Tables from PPT

Kingsoft Office Suite 2013 allows you to convert PPT to Text documents with one click. Unlike PowerPoint 2007 / 2010 / 2003, Kingsoft Presentation can not only export PPT to text (outline or handouts) document, but can also keep the pictures and tables within the presentation.

Steps to convert PPT to Text with Kingsoft Office

Step 1 Open an existing PPT presentation or create a new one in Kingsoft Presentation 2012.

Step 2 Under Classic style interface, go to Presentation > File and select Convert to Document.

You will see the following dialog box, from which you can choose slides to be converted, and layout. The presentation to word document conversion can include text, table and picture. If you need a small-sized text document only, please uncheck the checkboxes before Table and Picture. Then press OK.

convert ppt to text

Figure 1 Convert PPT to Text dialog box

Step 3 You will then be asked to name the document and point a location to save it. The text document can be saved in *.doc and *.wps file formats. Finally, click Save button.

The PPT file will be converted to text document. Click Open File button to view the text document in Kingsoft Writer.

convert ppt to text

Figure 2 PPT to Text document Converting