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Distributor & Reseller

Kingsoft Office Reseller Program enables our resellers or distributors to make high profits by selling Kingsoft Office products using their own marketing channels.

We are interested in distributing our software through resellers or distributors focused on specific countries or regions. Since we think every market and every business requires personal approach, we decided to switch into individual negotiations instead of laying down fixed terms. Sales volumes and commitments to promote Kingsoft Office are the key factors in determining partnerships.

Kingsoft Office provides a broad range of opportunities for distribution partners to meet the specific market needs of any client.

Key Benefits You Can Get

1. High-quality products

Kingsoft Office always places great emphasis on the importance of product quality and we have gained the popularity among a huge number of users and software reviewers.

2. Low wholesale prices

Kingsoft Office provides very competitive wholesale prices depending on the wholesale quantity and the market.

3. Increase partner exposure on our web page.

Increase your brand awareness by putting your company logo and links in a conspicuous place on our website.

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1. Resellers can't redistribute Kingsoft Products online. Submitting Kingsoft products to other third party websites by changing the product name or even using the same name of our products is not allowed.

2. Resellers cannot use "Kingsoft", "Kingsoft Office", "Kingsoft Official" and "Kingsoft Corporation" or similar words in any advertisement. Also reseller can't use "kingsoft" words or Kingsoft logo in domain name registration which may mislead consumers.

3. Resellers are not allowed to publish any advertisement on any search engine/website with the keyword "Kingsoft", "Kingsoft Office" "Kingsoft Official" or similar words.

4. Resellers are not allowed to sell or publish Kingsoft products by affiliates on websites which are related to auction e.g. eBay.

5. Without the written permission of Kingsoft, resellers can't provide any discount promotion for our products. Reseller website pricing should be the same as Kingsoft's official website pricing.