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Utilize Kingsoft Office 2013 Tab Feature to Organize Multiple Documents Conveniently

Release Date: 06-13-12

Much like a modern web browser which allows a user to open multiple web pages as tabs under the same window, Kingsoft Office Tab Feature offers users the same luxury for word documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Advantages of Kingsoft Office Tab Feature

Common Office Suites such as Microsoft Office and OpenOffice force users to open a new window every time they want to start a new document, this has a tendency to create a cluttered desktop and in some cases even impacts a user's decision whether or not to create a new document. Kingsoft Office's Tab Feature eliminates the problem of having too many documents / workbooks / presentations open at one time, allowing a user to conveniently switch between documents in one window by pressing the shortcut key (Ctrl+Tab).

Office tab feature in Kingsoft Writer

office tab feature in Kingsoft Spreadsheets

Office tab feature in Kingsoft Presentation

Save Time by Using Tabs

The ability to create document tabs not only allows the user to easily see what documents they have opened but also, most importantly, saves the user time and ultimately allows the user more time to spend thinking about what to write rather than where to find a certain document.

Organize Tab Orders

Move office tabs in Kingsoft Office

Users can organize the order of tabs by clicking and dragging a document tab to its desired location, giving the user control on how to prioritize tabs based on each ones' importance.

Close Office Tab by Double Click

Kingsoft Office's Tab Feature is built to save the user time, quickly close the window by double clicking on the desired tab or create a new blank document by right-clicking, pressing the shortcut key (Ctrl+N) or even pressing the tab for a new page as you would on a normal browser.

Save All tabs in One Click

office tab move

Right clicking on the tab allows some quick functions including Close Window, Save, Save As, Save All, close others and Close All, which is a more practical way of saving work, it avoids a situation where a user is not sure whfws open and may have to re-check or in rare circumstances save the document under the wrong name.

The interface Kingsoft Office offers is for the best convenience of the user and this feature alone saves time, has improved functionality and usability compared to other less innovative office suites. It eliminates everyday problems that a user may encounter when working with other word processors, spreadsheet software and presetation programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.