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Release Date: 04-20-12

As Android smartphones become more and more powerful, it can process a vast variety of tasks which are traditionally performed on laptop or desktop. For example, handling office Excel spreadsheets on Android phone. Here in this article, we will see why Kingsoft Spreadsheets for Android is best for processing Microsoft Excel® files.

Basic features of Kingsoft Spreadsheet for Android

With Kingsoft Spreadsheets, you can not only view Excel documents in .XLS, .XLSX and .CSV formats, but also edit Microsoft Excel files and save them as the same formats. It allows you to calculate quickly, view graphs, filter automatically, and freeze windows etc.

Interface of Kingsoft Spreadsheet for Android

Spreadsheet interface Edit Excel in Spreadsheets Display Excel files in full screen

spreadsheet interface on androidEdit Excel in Spreadsheets on androidDisplay Excel files in full screen on android

Advanced features in Kingsoft Spreadsheets for Android

Besides the above features, Kingsoft Spreadsheets also support advanced features like:

Quick calculate data of your Excel worksheet, filter the Excel data and opening PDF files. It can display the radar charts, separation pie charts, composite pie charts, ring charts, etc. in the XLS documents and supports the stock chart and bubble diagram.

Freeze Excel cells Calculate Excel data Filter Excel data

Freeze Excel cells on androidCalculate Excel data on androidFilter Excel data on android

In Kingsoft Office for Android, you can:

Copy, Cut and Paste Cells, Insert and Delete Rows and Columns, as well as Insert, Rename and Delete Worksheet.

Other features include Cell Property Settings and Hiding Headers.

Now it can display Text Box, Comment, Conditional Formatting, and charts in XLSX documents.

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