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WPS Office 2016 Review

Release Date: 03-15-16

 WPS Office promises to have complete Microsoft Office compatibility with a new experience, enhanced performance and great features.

The download size is small for a complete office suite and after installation WPS Office provides shortcuts on your desktop as well as the Start Menu including Presentation, Writer and Spreadsheets. It offers to sync anywhere you login to access your documents on startup when “Writer” opens up by default.

Everything seems well presented and it's easy to get at the most common features considering how many there are.

Writer offers a lot of WPS Office 2016 templates immediately as well as a blank document. Templates are broken into categories and can be downloaded on demand. It also shows what everyone is searching for although on our tests it showed people searching for "busniess" so I am suspicious how well that's working, if at all.

Presentation also offers a lot of templates and themes to get you rolling. Since they are offered online one can expect to see more down the road.

Spreadsheets repeats what Presentation and Writer does by offering many online templates or the option to start with a blank.

One thing you can count on is more options than you could possibly use, however it is very easy to just start creating. I’m not a big fan of how it is constantly online. While features such as what everyone is searching for and online templates are cute, they’re just that. They are also a drag on the system and relies on the Kingsoft servers to be online. There’s also an ad running on the left side and while I like to be supportive, running any flashing advertisement, especially those lame “scan your PC for free” ones, should be a crime. Since most people use an office suite to get work done, flashing distractions are unacceptable.

Overall they’re off to a good start although it feels like they're trying to do too much. It certainly needs some tweaking as to the ads and online access but if you can get past that, it’s really loaded with features.