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How to Change Spell Check Language and Use Thesaurus in WPS Office

Release Date: 11-10-15

WPS Office 10 supports 7 languages including English, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish and Russian. In addition to multi-language interface, WPS Office also supports spell check and thesaurus for the above languages.

Spell Check 

WPS Office allows you to change the default English spell check to a different language. Currently WPS Office supports spell check for six languages except German. Take the following steps to switch between different languages for spell check.

1. Open WPS Writer

2. In the Classic interface, go to Tools > Set Language.

In the Modern Interface, go to Review > Check Spelling > Set Language.

3. In the Set Spell Check Language dialog, choose a default language for spell check and press Set as default. 


WPS Office recently added thesaurus support for English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

1. Select the word that you would like to find a synonym. 

2. Right click to get a drop-down list and then click Synonym. You will get a range of words that have similar meaning with the one you selected.

3. If you want more synonyms, click Thesaurus and you will see more choices. 

If your language is not supported in WPS Office yet, don’t worry, we will plan to support more languages gradually.