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WPS Office 2016 Update Log

Release Date: 09-07-15

WPS Office 2016 Free (Version No. - August 09, 2016

Highlight: PDF to Word (DOC/DOCX) Convertion

Office Suite

Added "Eye Protection Mode" option to the classic interface of WPS Writer and WPS Spreadsheets.

WPS Writer

Support for converting PDF to DOC/DOCX (Special Features -> PDF to Word), plus split and merge PDF files.

Support for showing and hiding crop marks (Options->View->Show crop marks).

Added a "Phonetic Guide" entry.

Bug Fix: Quotation marks no longer counted as words by the Word Count feature.

For languages other than English, changed the default web page encoding to UTF8.

WPS Presentation

Ruler measurement units now use system settings.

WPS Office 2016 (Version No. - July 08,2016

Office Suite

Added support for changing measurement units in Spreadsheets and Presentation. (Option->General and Save->Measurement units). Default unit now follows the system settings.

Added ability to switch between Simple Chinese and Traditional Chinese in the English version.

Fixed the bug that prevented enterprise users activating WPS Office if they used a proxy server for internet connection. (WPS Office Configuration Tools ->Update Settings ->Internet Connection).

Fixed the application window bug that prevented window from being adjusted to a minimum size.

Fixed the temporary file cleaning bug in Writer and Presentation when saving files to the Egnyte Drive folder.

Fixed the bug that caused Endnote and OpenXML/ODF Translator Add-ins for Office to not be loaded correctly.

WPS Writer

Fixed the bug that caused Writer to sometimes crash when users created or printed an envelope.

Fixed the bug that prevented three dots (...) from being automatically replaced as Horizontal Ellipsis.

Fixed the bug that automatically capitalized the first letter of a word next to ellipsis.

WPS Spreadsheets

Fixed the bug that caused Russian letters to overlap when the font is set to italic Calibri.

Fixed the malfunction of Subtotal feature in Spanish, French, German and Russian version.

Fixed the bug where under English (United Kingdom) setting, Spreadsheets did not show the English Pound mark ₤ when setting the cell format to default currency format.

Fixed the bug where under Vietnamese (Vietnam) setting, if users first input the date as day/month/year, date format would change when users edited the cell again.

WPS Office 2016 (Version No. - April 13,2016

Office Suite

Improved WPS Office stability and fixed a bug that caused a crash when opening some documents.

WPS Writer

Supports correcting and formatting text as you type (Options-> Edit-> AutoCorrect-> Replace text as you type-> Option).

Supports select text font for Delivery and Return Address.

Supports align text to the left by default for all new blank documents.

WPS Presentation

Bug Fix: Slide show issues resolved when opening a PPS/PPSX/PPSM document.

Bug Fix: GIF background picture issues resolved when running a slide show.

WPS Office 2016 (Version No. - March 03,2016

Added support for Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Fixed the bug that text font is changed after inserting special symbols (Insert -> Symbol).

WPS Office 2016 (Version No. 10.1.0. 5490) - February 02, 2016

Added support for Russian.

Fixed the bug that WPS cannot automatically upload files to cloud after File Roaming feature is enabled.

WPS Office 2016 (Version No. - January 27,2016

Added built-in PDF reader. WPS Office not only can convert documents to PDF files, but also can open and create PDF files directly.

Added PPTX format. Users can create, edit and save all the DOCX/XLSX/PPTX formats.

Added new, graceful and clear 2016 interface, Added rich 2D and 3D text and object effects, providing users with more choice when editing a document.

Added compatibility for MSO SmartArt.

WPS Office 10 (Version No. - December 25, 2015

Fixed the bug that messy codes appear when first enter numbers using Croatia, Romanian, Hungarian or other keyboard.

Fixed the bug that users cannot disable “Capitalize first letter of sentences” feature under “AutoCorrect” option.

WPS Office 10 (Version No. - October 15, 2015

Added support for customzing shortcuts (Options > General and Save > Shortcuts)

Bug fix for "Activate Software" notification on already activated copy of WPS. 

Bug fix for blurred icons on some high DPI display screens (such as 15.6-inch 1080P Full-HD screen)

Bug fix for oversized Options dialog box on some small-size screens. 

WPS Office 10 (Version No. - September 22 2015

Added thesaurus support for English, French, German, Spanish and Russian

Added support for insert and print envelopes

Added support for Polish language 

Bug Fix for some Windows 10 systems, WPS Office shortcut in Start Menu after installing

Bug Fix for multi-language version of Spreadsheets that can now recognize or load macro functions (like YIELD)

WPS Office 10 (Version No. - August 20 2015

Office Suite

Supports popup Touch keyboard for entering under touch mode

Supports Russian and Brazilian Portuguese spell check

Solved the problem of the garbled “Upload to WPS Office Cloud” on File Explorer right-click menu

Solved the problem that setting “Use small taskbar buttons” in taskbar properties after opening WPS Office would crash the program

WPS Writer

Supports Smart Document, can add and attach XML expansion packs

Supports AutoCorrect lowercase “i” to uppercase “I”

Supports entering the quotation marks in Russian, German, and French

WPS Spreadsheets

Functions have been localized to Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Brazilian Portuguese

Enables “Ctrl+Shift+Number 1-7” as shortcut keys to quickly set the number format of cells

Enables “Alt+Shift+Right” as the shortcut key for “Group”, and “Alt+Shift+Left” for “Ungroup”

Supports importing igy file exported by SharePoin

WPS Presentation

Supports entering the quotation marks in Russian, German, and French

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