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Update Your PC with Windows 8.1 and Free Office 2013

Release Date: 04-08-14

As the day already comes for retirement of Microsoft Windows XP and Office 2003, have you fully prepared for the computer security after ending of support of the two programs? The lack of support for Windows XP will put millions of users' computer as risk – NetMarketShare estimates 31.2% of PCs currently run Windows XP. Similarly, unpatched security holes in Office 2003 may result in tremendous loss of customers' data.

Office 2003 was a mature office suite version which was widely used. It still accounts for a significant percentage of all office users in the global market.

Switch to free Office for Windows 8.1

If you are unfortunately an Office 2003 user, you will need to upgrade to the latest Microsoft Office 2013, and at the same time, upgrade your operating system to the latest Windows 8.1. While, there are plenty of alternative office suites out there that can replace the main programs in Microsoft Office, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Alternative office suite that is totally free for Windows 8:Kingsoft Free Office 2013

Compare Kingsoft Writer 2013 vs Microsoft Word 2003

Kingsoft Office 2013 is the latest release from Kingsoft. The reasons to switch to Kingsoft Office include:

Similar UI

If you'd like similar UI and experience to Office 2003, try Kingsoft Office out. See the following screenshots of Kingsoft Writer and Word 2003.

writer 2013 skin

word 2003 skin

File format compatibility

Supported Formats Microsoft Office 2003 Kingsoft Free Office
DOC Yes Yes
DOT Yes Yes
XLS Yes Yes
PPT Yes Yes
PPTX No Import
PDF No Yes
TXT Yes Yes
HTM Yes Yes
RTF Yes Yes

Feature Comparison

Most features in Kingsoft Office are the same with Microsoft Office 2003. However, there are also exceptions like the paragraph layout tool, PDF converter and tabbed interface in Kingsoft. See complete list of feature comparison between Microsoft Office 2003 and Kingsoft Office 2013.

Small package and free updates

Kingsoft Office 2013 for Windows acquires little space in your computer and thus runs much faster that Microsoft Office. You can use it for non-commercial purposes, and enjoy regular updates from Kingsoft.

All the updates to Kingsoft Office Free 2013 are totally free. You can rest assured that you will get future updates for this office program from Kingsoft Office without paying one cent.

Download Kingsoft Office Free 2013 for Windows 8.