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Kingsoft Office > News > German magazine "APP" granted Kingsoft Office for Android version of the five-star rating

German magazine "APP" granted Kingsoft Office for Android version of the five-star rating

Release Date: 09-27-12

The well-known German magazine "Android Apps" listed its 50 best Android applications. Kingsoft Office for Android was awarded a five-star rating, and ranked 14th in the overall ranking. The article can be seen below:

In the issue Aug/Sept 12 of our magazine "Android Apps" we have described your app Kingsoft Office. We are pleased to inform you, that your app was benchmarked with 5 from 5 stars. "


Kingsoft Office for Android is a fully featured free android office app by Kingsoft Office Software. Just one year ago it has grown to become one of the most popular office apps on Google Play. The downloads continues to rise as it grows in popularity. The install package is very small while still boasting so many features. Its features include, compatibility with 23 document formats, the fastest opening speed, and integration with the mail application and cloud storage services. These help make your mobile office much smarter.

Currently, Kingsoft Office for Android has users from over 226 countries and regions, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, Russia, China, Brazil, and India. They use Kingsoft Android Office to view information, organize data, and play presentation slides to customers.

The Android department director said:" in July this year, the android version for the first time ranked first on Google Play. We will continue to increase investment in the overseas market to attract a lot more users from all over the world."