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Customer Reviews

MichaelApril 9, 2013
"It's a great program, reasonably fast on my rather slow hardware, great support for MS office, and not a pain in the butt to configure for use of MS office formats like or Libreoffice! overall, a great program! "

MichaelNov 29, 2012
"For a free piece of software it is pretty good, better than a lot i have tried over last ten or fifteen years. in fact i would say it is the best writer in the free to use market "

Microsoft Word 2007 Alternative Free Downloads

Release Date: 01-03-13

Free alternative to Microsoft Word 2007 - Kingsoft Writer Free 2013

Kingsoft Writer Free 2013 is a word processing program that has all key features of Microsoft Word 2007, but for free. It is regarded as one of the best free Microsoft Office alternatives, which provides user-friendly interface and excellent performance.

In addition to the basic features of Microsoft Word 2007, Kingsoft Writer has introduced enormous smart features like multiple tabs, powerful paragraph layout tool. You can even convert Word documents to PDF directly. There are three skins to switch, inclusing a classic interface similar to Word 2003 and two brand new 2013 style interface. 

OS Requirement: Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista (32bit, 64bit) / Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit) / Windows 8
Price: Free
Size: 32MB

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Compatibility with Microsoft Word 2007 and other word processing programs

Kingsoft Writer Free 2013 can open and edit all the file formats saved with Word 2007/2010, such as .doc, .docx and .rtf. When saving documents, save them as .doc, so that the files can be opened with almost all word processing programs available.

Regarding compatibility with other word processors, such as / LibreOffice Writer, as long as you save the documents as *.doc, there will be no problem opening them with the stated word processors. However, the OpenOffice document formats, *.odf and *.odt, are not supported yet.

User Comments on Kingsoft Writer Free

Andrea Dec 12th, 2012

"I really enjoyed the Kingsoft Writer Free, very compatible with Microsoft Office."

Stacey Andrews Aug 28, 2012

"Helo there from a British user of your wonderful program. I have been using your amazing Kingsoft Writer for a few months now! I did download the free version and was so impressed with it, I paid for the Standard version and now plan to use it as my main word processing software for every PC I will purchase from now on."

Raza Ansari Jun 28, 2012

"I find your Writer very useful, especially the Symbol-bar in which I have packed a number of letters with diacritical marks, used for transliteration purpose. By clicking any one of them on that bar, the special letter can be inserted into the text,and thereby saving lot of time. I need not open every time the Symbol-box and insert the required letter through it. Appreciating your innovations in word processing."

Jocelyn Trinque March 18, 2012

"I've just downloaded your product after researching alternative suites to Microsoft. I'm impressed.
Product review:

OpenOffice: I opened a document I have made in Microsoft Word 2007. All formatting lost, some fonts completely different. I had to re-edit the entire document and save it as a doc file.
Kingsoft Office (Writer): I opened the same document from Microsoft Office 2007- no problems at all, no lost formatting, all fonts accurate.

Great job, Kingsoft!"