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How to play a slide show repeatedly ?

Release Date: 12-27-11

We used to add 'Thank You" at the end of a presentation. However, recently more people prefer back to the first page which displays the subject or other information, after the slide show is over. Especially for some particular occasions, people would like to play the slide show repeatedly.

This is easy to realize, all we have to do is adding a hyperlink.

In Kingsoft Presentation, locate to the last page of the slide show. Draw a rectangle the same size as the slide show page using the rectangle tool. Double click, then the control panel of Format Object will pop up. Set the Fill Color into No Fill, and Line Color into No line. Seen in Figure 1. After that, click OK, then the rectangle is invisible.

presentation play slide show repeatly

When back to the page,keep the rectangle selected.

On the Insert tab, in the Links group, click Hyperlink. In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, click Location in This Document. Then select First Slide and click OK.

presentation play slide show

Then we can successfully link the last page with the first one. When you play the last page, you just click on the page, then it can repeat very simple.