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How to prevent inputting duplicated data using Kingsoft Spreadsheets

Release Date: 12-27-11

Kingsoft Spreadsheets is one of the daily used office components to process data. This app is loved by its users for the small data package and fast processing speed. If you're already an old bird to process data, it is very easy for you to deal with duplicated data. But if you're a green hand like me, the commonly occurred mistake, such as wrong calculation or inputting unnecessary duplicated data will cause blame from your boss. Now all the problems will be much easier, since Kingsoft Spreadsheets2012 newly add the 'Duplicate' option, which will reduce the possibility of errors like that happened.

First, we need to find which data is duplicated. But how? We used to check out every line manually and very carefully, but now we can use the Duplicate option to do this automatically.
First select the line or row which need to be checked, then click Data - Duplicates - Highlight Duplicates 
Then a dialog box will pop out shown in figure 1
Then click OK, the duplicated date will be highlighted in orange, it's very easy to recognize.

office spreadsheets input
figure 1 Slide Master

After checking, if you want to delete all the duplicated data by one time, in the menu bar, click Data - Duplicates - Delete Duplicates. Then will pop up a Delete Duplicates dialog box, shown in Figure 2. Click OK, then all the duplicated data will be deleted.

office excel input
figure 2

Sometimes the duplicated data is not always errors. There is a reason they are there. Such as the name of a place, the same name in the same company. If we just delete the duplicated data it's not reasonable. How can we do about this? We can delete manually, then ,we can check out the orange range, and if there is an error you can delete it manually., shown in figure 3.

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figure 3