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Kingsoft Office > How to use slide master to make a slide show?

How to use slide master to make a slide show?

Release Date: 12-27-11

It may not be an easy job for a green hand to make a fabulous PPT file. However, it is quite possible to make a clean and attractive slide show document within minutes by using the Slide Master. In this article, we will introduce how to make the full use of Slide Master to make impressive slides.

To begin with, let's create a blank PPT file using Kingsoft Presentation. Then on the View tab, in theMaster View group, click Slide Master. As shown in Figure 1, there will be a Slide Master tab appear.

office make slide show
figure 1 Slide Master

In the second step, we can use the existed Color Scheme, Backdrop, Templates and any other elements to design the slide show pattern desired. On the Design tab, shown in Figure 2, select one of the scheme and apply it to all of the slides (In order to keep the style uniformed, so we have to choose the same design pattern. If there are some specialized need, we can also use multiple design pattern in the same slide).

office make slide show
figure 2

In the final step, we can adjust he layout of each slide. On the Home tab, in the Slide group, click Slide Layout, then we can choose the specified layout for each slide.

office make slide show
figure 3

Except using the existed setting to make PPT, we can use the templates downloading from the Internet. But most of these templates usually contain logo or words, we can also get rid of the extra elements which we don't need by using master slide.

On the View tab, in the Master View group, click Slide Master. Then insert a template (we can select templates under the Design tab). Two master slides will display. One is for the cover page, the other is for content. Then we can add or delete elements according our own needs. After editing, we can check out the effect by switching back to the Normal View mode.

office design slide show
figure 4

If you want to use the templates other people make, and apply your own color scheme, it's easy to solve this problem. Under the Master Slide view, right-click and select Backdrop in the list menu. Then you can choose the color in the list box so that to change the background of the PPT. We recommend you to choose the Fill Effects, there are four option tabs: Gradient, Texture, Pattern and Picture. You can also customize the background color. After setting, click Apply then background color will be changed.

Note: Under the Master Slide mode, for the two master slides for cover and content, we would better modify them once. After all it's much better to have some difference between the design of these two master slides.