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Kingsoft Office > Kingsoft Presentation 2012 vs Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Presentation Program Comparison: Kingsoft Presentation 2012 vs Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Release Date: 01-18-13

Kingsoft Office 2012 is an office productivity suite which includes word processor, spreadsheet and presentation program. It is a great replacement for Microsoft Office.

See following feature comparison table to see the differences between Kingsoft Presentation 2012 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

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Office Suite Brand
Component Program Kingsoft Presentation Professional 2012 Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Installer Size 73.6MB, standalone installer available Standalone installer not available

Feature Comparison

Themes and Layout
Table, Picture, Shape, Chart, Text Box, WordArt
ClipArt, Screenshot, SmartArt, Photo Album
Hyperlink, Action
Movie, Flash, Audio
Transition Effects and Animation
Speaker Notes
Merge presentations
Spelling check
Slide Master