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Rob MatherSeptember 13, 2015
"I would like to say a massive thank you for not just the development of Spreadhseets but indeed the WPS office 10 as a whole. This is professional quality software and indeed the best office suite "

Paul MalcolmAugust 06, 2015
" I just downloaded a trial version of WPS Office 10 and I must say I am VERY impressed with it. I just wanted to ask will WPS Writer be available to purchase as a separately product at all? I am enjoying using the trial version I have right now!"

Kathleen DaBrat July 18, 2015
" I use WPS Office daily. Whether it's spreadsheets or writing a letter, it's my goto software! Thanks for making a product a small business owner can afford"

Update History of Kingsoft Office Suite for PC

Release Date: 09-14-12

The following is a list of updates for Kingsoft Office Suite. The list order is from the latest version to the initial version. Each version description includes the version number, release date and the update details.

Note: Features with * marks are only available in Professional and Standard Editions.

Kingsoft Office 2012 New Features List

Release Date: 17-09-2012

[Office Suite]

1. * Support various interface color schemes

2. * In the 2012 interface, support customization of Quick Access Toolbar

3. * In the 2012 interface, support CommandBar API

4. Support Ctrl+P Print Options, the cursor can be positioned at the Score option

5. Support Shift+F10 to call up the context menu

6. Support recently used document management function

7. Support recording recently used font list, memory task pane settings and memory to display or hide the function area feature.

8. * In the 2012 interface, the tab supports mouse wheel control horizontal scroll function


1. Support recording formats amendment

2. Support arranging windows side-by-side

3. Support watermark function

4. Support amendment function and recording revised format

5. Support background color for inserted text annotations

6. In the "Page Layout" tab, support 6 text direction options, and in the "Text direction" dialog box, support two direction functions

7. Support directly entering a space before the first word in the paragraph wrap

8. Support page background function

9. Support memory document map width function


1. Support converting Kingsoft Presentation files into Kingsoft Writer file format

2. * In the "Home" tab of 2012 interface, added "Slide Show From Beginning" and "From Current Slide" quick play entrance


1. Support editing link function

2. Support "Pick From Drop-down list" option in the right-click menu

3. In the "Home" tab, on the "Paste" drop-down list, added "Paste As Unformatted Text" option

4. Support the formula evaluator by single-step function

5. Support edit and open file function

6. In the Equation Editor mode, support function insertion in name box

7. The statistical results of the status bar use thousands separator by default

8. Column width units support pounds, inches, centimeters, millimeters, character units Introduced new chart color scheme

9. Introduced the ET new engine to enhance the computing speed in Kingsoft Spreadsheets

Kingsoft Office 2012 Improved Features List

[Office Suite]

1. Fixed the backup management problems, improve backup management system

2. Solved dictionary crash problem including Youdao, Lingoes and Power Word

3. Optimized the document tab display problem, solve the problems of the document tab bar

4. * In the 2012 interface, optimized the layout and application button under the applications drop-down menu

5. * Solved crash problem after upgrade

6. * Optimized the bubble pop-up mechanism when click "upgrade online" from the "Help" menu before the serial number is expired.

7. Optimized the default background color when you save picture as GIF, BMP and JPG formats

8. * In the 2012 interface, fixed the controls display problem in the 1024 resolution on the "Home" tab

9. Optimized status bar display effect

10. Fixed the problem that title bar does not display the file name


1. Changed "Show / Hide paragraph layout" icon button in the "Home" tab

2. * Support navigating to the last cursor position before the document was closed

3. Optimized the document map

4. * In the 2012 interface, Text tool is presented as large icons

5. After continuously merge multiple cells in the same column, when set the merged cell text orientation to vertical, the height of the first row will change, this problem has been fixed

6. Optimized paragraph layout


1. Optimized the notes pane below the slide

2. Adjusted the picture clarity in the "Slide Layout" task pane

3. Beautified the effect of slide thumbnails for the Hover and Check state


1. Edited reconstruction, including the Function Wizard dialog box, the Advanced Filter dialog box, edit field, the parentheses of formula coloring in the edit field

2. * Adjusted the "Draw Border" position in the "Home" tab

3. Improved circulation reference dialog box, the interrupt calculation (status bar) and automatic archiving experience

4. * In the 2012 interface, classifying and extracting functions in the "Insert Function" dialog box

5. In the pie chart, the percentage cannot be accurate to decimal places, now this problem has been solved.