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Download Envelope Word Templates

Release Date: 07-10-12

Here you can download envelope templates to create word document with Kingsoft Writer.
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Envelope Word Templates

Besides envelopes with background hereunder, we also provide blank envelope templates in following sizes:

102mmX165mm, 110mmX155mm, 110mmX176mm, 110mmX208mm, 110mmX220mm, 110mmX230mm, 112mmX223mm, 114mmX162mm, 114mmX229mm, 120mmX230mm, 120mmX309mm, 125mmX176mm, 155mmX220mm, 155mmX223mm, 160mmX230mm, 162mmX229mm, 176mmX250mm, 220mmX310mm, 229mmX324mm, 250mmX353mm, 324mmX458mm, Monarch, US Legal and Us Letter.

Download above templates