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Convert DOC to PDF documents with Kingsoft Writer Free

Release Date: 09-29-12

doc to pdfKingsoft Free Writer can convert your DOC documents created with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and LibreOffice to PDF for totally free.

This free PDF converter and PDF creator is quick and efficient. It converts between Microsoft Word(.doc/.docx) and Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf) files with a single click. You can then save the PDF document on your computer. All MS Word versions are supported, including Word 2007/2010.

How to Convert DOC to PDF?

Step 1 Open your .doc document with Kingsoft Writer.

Step 2 Click File > Export to PDF option or this button convert docx to PDF on the menu tool bar directly.

Then the Export Adobe PDF File window will pop up. Choose a location to save the PDF file and press OK. Your doc is successfully converted to Adobe PDF file.

How to Transfer the Comment or Revision Marks from the DOC to PDF?

Sometimes you may need to show the comment or revision marks in the exported PDF file. In this case, you need to track changes made to the DOC first.

To track changes made to .doc file:

Step 1 Open .doc document in Kingsoft Writer Free.

Step 2 Go to Tools and select Track Changes. Or simply press Ctrl + Shift + E to enable Track Changes option.

To show revision marks in the PDF file:

When you export doc file to PDF, in the Export Adobe PDF File dialog box, click More and tick the checkbox before Summary Information.

export docx to pdf with comment

After you convert doc to PDF, the PDF file will show the revision marks. See following:

docx to pdf with comment

Besides the above, Kingsoft Writer's built-in DOC to PDF converter fully supports graphics, heading styles and complex formatting and save them to PDF files perfectly. The converted PDF files preserve the original document layout, which also includes Hyperlink, Link of footnotes and endnotes, bookmarks, and comment, images and tables.

By using Kingsoft Writer, there is no need to install any third-party Word to PDF converters. Further more Writer does more than converting files to a PDF format, but it can create DOC (DOCX format will be supported soon) files from scratch.