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Create PDF files on Android Mobile / Tablet

Release Date: 10-09-12

Creating PDF from a Word document is a quite useful feature, which helps to make a nice and clean document for sharing with others. Kingsoft Office Suite Free (for PC) and Office for Android both offers Word document to PDF converting function.

From 4.8 version of Kingsoft Office for Android, PDF documents can be created. Want to create PDF on your PC for free? See Convert DOC to PDF documents for Free.

Steps to create PDF in Android Mobile and Tablet

Let's take Android mobile as an example to illustrate how to create a PDF document with Kingsoft Office.

First, tap on Kingsoft Office to launch the program on your Android mobile. Tap on New Document option from the toolbar to create a new document from blank, or open an existing document in .doc, .docx, or .txt formats by tapping on Folders in Open group, or download a document to Android mobile from Cloud Storage.

create pdf document from blank

Figure 1 Create PDF from Blank Document

Then, after editing, click save document as pdf to save the document. You can edit the document name, and choose a format to save it. Click the default .doc format button, a drop-down list of formats will appear. Select .pdf, and click Save.

convert android office doc to pdf

Figure 2 Save document as PDF

Share the created PDF document via Cloud Storage

Now the PDF document is successfully created. You can upload it to Cloud Storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox and to share with others. View more details about how to use cloud storage to share files.

Besides creating PDF documents, you can also read PDF on Android devices directly.