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Convert PPT to DOC for free in Kingsoft Office

Release Date: 09-27-12

With Kingsoft Office Free 2012, you can simply do a "Save as" in Presentation 2012 to convert PPT to DOC files.

How to convert PPT to DOC?

Under 2012 style interface of Presentation 2012

Open a PPT presentation file, and go to the application button and select save as to convert the PPT to DOC document.

Under Classic style interface of Presentation 2012

Go to File menu and select Convert to Document option from the drop-down list convert ppt to doc.

convert ppt to doc document

When converting the PPT file, you can choose to show two or more slides on a single page in your document, and add notes or blank line to slides. If you choose to keep the original layout of the slides, you can select to convert only text, or together with picture and table to document. Otherwise, all the content in the PPT slideshow will be converted to Word *.doc or Writer *.wps document.

convert ppt to doc layout

Converting PPT with original layout can keep all the content in the presentation, which enables you to edit the table data and text content in the word document easily with Writer. This convertor is different from that of Microsoft PowerPoint, which converts PPT as handouts. In that case, you would not able to edit content in Word. Compare the differences between Microsoft PowerPoint and Kingsoft Presentation in converting PPT to DOC document.

Press OK in the Convert to Document dialog box and the PPT is successfully converted to DOC.

What to do after PPT to DOC conversion?

After the conversion is finished, press the Open File button to open the document in Kingsoft Writer. Then with the track changes feature, your colleague can make changes to the text content, table data and etc in the document for you to correct the PPT file accordingly.