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Kingsoft Office for Android
Brings Free Document Editing
to Your Mobile Devices

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Subhadip ChatterjeeOCt 26, 2015 its smooth & easy..the best part is it has edit option & it really works. just loving it.thanx a lot guys @ kingsoft

Nico GalwayApril 24, 2015 I am very happy with the functionality of this app. I prefer it to Polaris Office as it is more intuitive to use and doesn't mess with the formatting of a document as much.

Raymond lalleyMarch 23, 2015 After trying several others this is by far the best office app I have found so far. I was able to access Google Drive files easily. The interface is easy, files open in the last position I within on the file.

Steve BurtMarch 25, 2015The best ffice software around and it's free. I would gladly pay money for this app. Displays email attachment .doc files perfectly.

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Office Application for Android - International 9.2.0android application freeware

WPS Office (International)  is a full featured  
free and multi-language Office Suite application for
Android. Not only it provides the ability to create,
view, edit, import and export Word, Excel, and  
PowerPoint 93-10documents, it also allows you 
to view PDF documents while on the go. Collaborate 
and share-all from a phone or tablet via Email or 
Cloud Storage. Highly intuitive and including tons of 
useful features, Kingsoft Officefor android is a truly
superb app and worth trying! 


Core Features of Kingsoft Android Office Application

  • Consists of the following

    Desktop Widget

    Writer for Android

    Spreadsheets for Android

    Presentation for Android

    File manager for organizing
    office documents

  • File Formats

    Input file formats: Microsoft Office 97 to 2010 formats: .doc, .docx, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt and .pptx.

    Output file formats: Microsoft Word and Excel 97 to 2010 formats: .doc, .docx, .txt, .xls and .xlsx; Microsoft PPT 2007 to 2010 formats: .pptx.

  • Share made easy:

    Send mails and open attachments anywhere and anytime

    Support the cloud storage services
    with WebDAV protocol

    Easily open, view and send
    Email attachments.

    Upload and download files on, Google Drive and Dropbox.

  • Other Features:

    User-friendly & nice UI

    The thumbnail wall helps you to find the recently opened files quickly.

    The Desktop Widget provides convenient document previewing and editing functions.

    Support external Bluetooth keyboard and USB keyboard input

What's New in Android Office International Version 5.8

There are many feature updates. Some updates are as follows (It will generate data traffic if using the mobile network to update):

[File Management]

Improved: Compatible with the latest Android 4.4 KitKat.

Added: Supported for opening and editing documents from SkyDrive, not including the shared documents.

Improved: When pressing the Home key to quit and then return to the program, it would be back to the previous document.

Improved: Enhanced the speed of opening documents.


Added: Supported for setting bullets and numbers.

Added: 6 kinds of heading styles. Improved the styles display effect.

Added: Supported external keyboard shortcuts: End, Home, Ctrl+End and Ctrl+Home.

Added: Supported for inputting Spanish characters with the external keyboard.

Added: Compatible with Swiftkey, Swype and Smartkey keyboard.

Added: Supported Automatic setting in Font and Underline Color.


Added: Hide/Show rows, columns and grid lines.

Added: Supported for inserting Scatter, Radar and other 29 kinds of charts.

Added: Supported for copying and pasting colors, borders and other formats between workbooks.

Added: Supported for opening XLSM documents.

Added: Instant Search Functions, Alphabetical Index and COUPDAYSNC function.

Added: Table Styles.

Added: Intelligent Recognition of scientific notation.

Added: Supporting for opening Excel 5.0/95 documents.

Added: Supporting for saving CSV documents.

Added: PivotTable.

Added: Supported the localized number formats of 10 countries or regions, including Spain, Portugal and Russia.


Added: Automatic documentation backup feature.

Improved: Supported shortcuts of input keyboards, including Copy, Paste, Arrow keys, etc.

Added: Compatible with Swiftkey, Swype and Smartkey keyboard.

Added: Shareplay by Internet.


Fixed: The problem that pictures can not be displayed in some documents.

Improved: The reading fluency.

Android Office Application Feedbacks

"The best free office application!"

"So Smart! Mobile Office Changed Now!"

"Outstanding. Tried them all and this is the best. That's it!"

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Android Office Application Q & A

Some questions that maybe you will feel confused about:

Q: How can I switch to the language that I need?

A: Kingsoft office application will identify the language setting in your device automatically. For example, if you set the system language to German, the office applications will be shown in German language inteerface when you open it. 

This guide show how to switch languages in Kingsoft office multiple language.

Android Office Application - Writer Special Features

Support for displaying headers and footers, comments, amendments, formulas, symbols, graphic objects, tables wrap effects in the DOC files, etc.
Rich formatting features including bold, italics, underline, font color, alignment, highlight, search, zoom, full screen, etc.
Can view and edit documents in Page-Layout or Web-Layout
With Reader mode, you can easily switch to reader mode after open the document
Open the encrypted documents and Save encrypted DOC files
With the paragraph Indents and Spacing function, you can easily adjust the paragraph indents and spacing.

Android Office Application - Spreadsheets Special Features

Sort function
Search function
Full screen reading mode
Freeze panes
Support for displaying 62 kinds of charts, and viewing chart details
Select cells by trackball and keyboard arrow keys
Open the encrypted documents.
Display the AutoShapes in XLS files

Android Office Application - Presentation Special Features

With thumbnails list like PC Office, for convenient slide switch
Support Play mode
Support laser pointer when playing
Display tables and charts

The latest version 5.3.1 supports 43 kinds of languages of interface, these are:

English 简体中文 Norwegian Slovenščina (Slovenian)
Deutsch(Germany) 繁體(HK) Dansk (Danish) Hrvatski (Croatian)
Français(France) 繁體(TW) Čeština (Czech) Türkçe (Turkish)
Italiano (Italia) العربية(Arabic) Magyar (Hungarian) Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)
Español(México) فارسى (Farsi) Slovenčina (Slovak) Bahasa Indonesia
Español(España) Srpski (Serbian) Polski (Polish) Nederlands (Dutch)
Pусский Bosanski (Bosnian) Română (Romanian) Malay (Malaysia)
Português(Portugal) македонски (Macedonian) Suomi (Finnish) ไทย (Thai)
Português(Brasil) български (Bulgarian) Eesti (Estonian) हिंदी (Hindi)
Svenska Українська (Ukrainian) Latviešu (Latvian) עברית (Hebrew)
한국의 Ελληνικά (Greek) Lietuvių (Lithuanian)