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Kingsoft Office Affiliate Privacy Policy and Terms

Release Date: 12-27-12

Our Affiliate Policy

1. Affiliates must not submit Kingsoft products to other websites, irrespective of whether they use the same, or a changed name for the product.

2. Any discount promotion for our products by affiliates must be authorized by Kingsoft Office Corporation. Please contact us at if you have any discount promotion plans.

3. Selling any Kingsoft product on a website that is related to auctions, such as: eBay or Amazon is strictly prohibited.

4. Affiliates must not use "", "Kingsoft Office Official", or any similar wording, in any advertising that may mislead consumers.Kingsoft Office reserves the right to ask affiliates to terminate the advertisement.

5. Affiliates must not produce any advertisements on any search engine/site for keywords that contains either "Kingsoft" or “Kingsoft Office. All rights are reserved by Kingsoft Office Corporation.